A note…… 25-03-20

Dear loyal customer,


A note from us to you……


“What a crazy 2 weeks we have all been through!! All the uncertainty, anxiety that knocked on our doors. Corona has grabbed us all in her grasp. The RIVM announced strict rules to slow down the spreading of this invisible nightmare. The rule is stay 1,5 meter distance, person to person. Our concern was to you are loyal customer your safety, the safety of our staff & surrounding community, keeping all this in mind we were basically left standing with our back to the wall. This new rule is for our benefit & that of everyone else safety first. This is why we made a decision earlier than most other salons to close our doors for a minimum of 3 weeks. This past week we have reminiscing on better times. Times with our wonderful team, looking back on old photos, times with team day out. Weekends away & Christmas parties. Photos dating back to where Het Haartheater story began in Amsterdam, Reguliersgracht, Weteringschans, Cornelis Schuytstraat & The Beethovenstraat. We look forward to creating more happy memories in the near future NOT just with our Amazing team but also with you as loyal customer.


Today’s promising news from The RIVM announced that the spreading of corona seems to be stabilizing. We sincerely hope just like everyone else that this remains so & that this all passes ASAP!! We are looking forward to welcoming you all back as soon The RIVM gives a green light. Until then the focus is on April 6th, we remain positive. We can promise you that we will work to achieve all hairdressing & beauty needs after this has passed.


Last but not least, for now wishing great health for you & your loved ones. STAY SAFE ❤️ “




Ferry & Joost

Founding Directors of Het Haartheater, Amsterdam