Unfortunately we have to close a little longer and it does not look like we will open our doors before February 9th.

We understand better than anyone that you don’t feel like walking around with a huge regrowth!

If you always have a Classic Cover (no highlights or Balayage), we offer Home kits that you can order at our webshop. How does it work?: If you are a regular customer of Het Haartheater, you can order this DIY kit online because we know your color. Developer and necessary tools are included.

We made a highlight (red button root touch up DIY) on our Instagram page. If you click you will see exactly what to do when you get started with the kit yourself.

If you are not a regular customer and you still order a home kit, we will send a random tube. With a little luck it will be the right color!


PRICE | € 35, – ex. Shipping costs

* we do not refund money for this kit.



Unfortunately, the RIVM has decided that
we have to stay closed.

We are closed until February 9th. All appointments until February 9 will expire. We will do our best to call everyone as soon as we can to move the appointment to a new date.

If you have not made an appointment yet but would like an appointment after lockdown, these can be made true our booking system on our website:

We have home kits available for our regular *customers. These can be ordered through our webshop.
This time you can only order your favourite haircare and styling products through our webshop and unfortunately they can not be picked up in the store.

Please stay tuned to our website, Instagram & Facebook accounts for further information after the 9th of February.

Stay safe ❤️