We at Het Haartheater are aware that we have to take good care of our planet.
Our brands are carefully selected.
Not only should it be beneficial for your hair, but also the way it is produced and the ingredients are key factors that count for us.
Let us introduce you to some of these amazing earth-friendly brands!


As a company, it’s important we do our part, too. Though working towards sustainability and giving back is always our mission, this month we are even more focused on highlighting our efforts and doing more. Businesses have a responsibility to create more mindful, sustainable products, and there are several ways in which Davines is doing this.


Our key ingredients are raw and virgin. We work with harvests from around the world and then bring them to the next level of performance through the infusion of high technology. Silicone free + paraben free + cruelty-free + sulfate-free. These formulas will deliver the most sumptuous, lustrous hair you have ever had, from the very first use.


Being a producer means a huge responsibility to try and create a social, economic and environmental balance. All of our products are made right here in Sweden, no more than an hour from our office, giving us the possibility to be present through the whole process, reducing transportation and as much as we can; eliminate that “import-to-export” part.

What’s more – The products contain a reduced amount of H20, making them long-lasting and best of all: we don’t transport water in vain. We’ll let you add it instead.

Finally, and obviously: We do not test on animals.


Australian hair care products carefully formulated from a selection of Australian botanical and essential oils. The innovative use of clack, cocoa and wheat protein combined with mandarin, jasmine oil and rose geranium has resulted in a product range that works on the hair with only high-quality ingredients.
Mr. Smith believes that what we leave out is just as important as what we put in. That’s why we’re committed to making products that don’t contain sulfates or parabens; never tested on animals and why all our products are PETA certified.