The first blush of early light. A soft flutter whispers of a new day. Delicate and sheer, it transforms heavy straws to weightless strands. Instantly refreshed.

Nurturing dry shampoo mist that refreshes and gives your hair a lift, at the same time as reducing all signs of oiliness without adding any texture.

Sometimes things simply fall into place unexpectedly. And it is just that kind of simple transcendence that shaped this unique product. We wanted to create something that would refresh, lift and revive your hair all at once, without a drop of roughness. And so, Secret Veil emerged.
Light as a feather and soft as a breeze, it gives you the feeling of a newly washed hair in a noticeably, unnoticeable way. Revitalise your blowout, freshen up your fringe or give your hair an extra billowy body. This is a secret you will want to share… Paraben free, vegan.



What: Nurturing dry shampoo mist
Who: Anyone in need of a hair refreshment
When: You want a newly washed feeling anytime, anywhere
How: Shake before use. Spray in dry, unwashed hair towards the roots, section by section or in specific areas in need of refreshment. When product has dried, run fingers through hair.
Contains: Pinot noir grape seed extract, Aloe Vera Extract
Scent: Gardenia, Rose, Cedarwood, Vetiver, Amber, Musk.