UPDATE 22-03-20

Dear loyal customer,

Today Sunday March 22nd we all received an emergency message from the government & The RIVM reminding us to keep a minimum distance of 1,5 meters person to person and to avoid large groups & gatherings.

We at HET HAARTHEATER are no different to anyone else when it comes to health issues & concerns at this time.

Therefore, in the interest of our staff, ourselves & our family’s wellbeing & safety, we have decided NOT to re-open the doors on March 23rd as previously mentioned. This as a precautionary measure.

The governments recommendation of 1,5m is not possible in our profession.

HET HAARTHEATER will remain closed until further notice. We kindly ask you to stay tuned to our website, Instagram & Facebook page.

We remain loyal to our promise. As soon as this most challenging time has passed HET HAARTHEATER will open its doors immediately to welcome you back & pamper you like never before.

Our HOME-KITS are still available and can be picked up from our Center Salon. Please call our receptionists for further information.

Finally, we apologize for any inconvenience which may have been caused.

Kindest regards,